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Federal Transit_Capital Investment Grants

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Administered by:

US Federal Government Agency (see all agencies)
Department of Transportation , Federal Transit Administration
CFDA #: 20.500

Possible uses and use restrictions...

Funds may be used to assist State and local governmental authorities in financing: capital projects for new fixed guideway systems, and extensions to existing fixed guideway systems, including the acquisition of real property, the initial acquisition of rolling stock for the systems, alternatives analysis related to the development of the systems, and the acquisition of rights of way, and relocation, for fixed guideway corridor development for projects in the advanced stages of alternatives analysis or preliminary engineering; capital projects, the acquisition, construction, reconstruction and improvement of facilities and equipment for use by operation or lease or otherwise in mass transportation service, including property and improvements needed for an efficient and coordinated mass transportation system, including buses and bus facility equipment; the capital costs of coordinating transit with other transportation; and the introduction of new technology, through innovative and improved transportation; and the introduction of new technology, through innovative and improved products. Consideration may also be given for projects which enhance urban economic development; establish new or enhanced coordination between transit and other transportation; or enhance the effectiveness of a transit project and are related physically or functionally to that transit project. It could also include financing for transit projects planned, designed, and carried out to meet the special needs of elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities; for the development of corridors to support fixed guideway systems, including protecting rights of way through acquisition, construction of dedicated bus and high occupancy vehicle lanes and park-and-ride lots, and other nonvehicular capital improvements that the Secretary may decide would result in increased transit usage in the corridor.